Peggle 2 was announced as an Xbox One launch title, but it received a push back. A new release date for the game shows that it will be coming next week.

According to a preview from Venture Beat, Peggle 2 will be available to download on Xbox One on December 9. The preview also details new helpers with Jeffrey, a beer-drinking troll, Gnorman, Luna, and Berg. Jeffrey throws a giant boulder into the mix, Gnorman uses electricity, Luna can focus in on orange pegs specifically, and Berg has the ability to freeze pegs, which makes them much bouncier.

For more on the game check out our hands-on time with Peggle 2, as well as our video interview with lead producer Jared Neuss.

[Via: VentureBeat, Digital Spy]


Our Take
This release will mark Peggle 2's unveiling, and is a huge selling point for Xbox One. It may not seem like the typical system selling exclusive, but Peggle has some devoted fans (myself among them) and I can't wait to start throwing marbles at pegs next week.