Last week, Rockstar rolled out a promised title update that fixed a number of issues, including lost vehicles and problems playing online. Many players expected that the first of the two $250,000 in-game stimulus payments intended to compensate for the rough launch would hit. As of now, players are still waiting.

The most recent information comes by way of an official Rockstar comment on the publisher's website.

Rockstar continues to work to iron out bugs. It seems that the company wants to make sure that the stimulus money isn't lost after its awarded. We'll update as soon as we know when the first stimulus payment will hit.

[Source: Rockstar via Polygon]


Our Take
It's been 25 days since Grand Theft Auto Online launched. Even just comparing to games with rough opening periods, this isn't good. Rockstar needs to finish up the patches and rebuild the buzz it had just a month ago. Grand Theft Auto Online has potential, but that only goes so far.