An album commemorating the 25th anniversary of Capcom's Blue Bomber is due out in stores on October 29. Capcom and Sumthing Else Music have revealed the 18 tracks that you'll get with MM25: Mega Man Rocks!

Six artists are contributing three tracks each. Here's what's included:

The Protomen
"Built to Last" - Brand new song, debuting on this album

"The WIll of One (2013 Edit)" - An updated recording of their classic track

"Breaking Out" - A mix previously only available on a cassette single; first time digitally available!

The Megas
"Can't Stop the Top" - Version found on History Repeating: Blue

"The Quick and the Blue" - New recording, featuring the band's new drummer and keyboardist!

"Man on Fire" - Same as above; new recordings of popular tracks!

Arm Cannon
"Mangnet Mang" - Brand new version of Magnet Man's theme (MM3)

"Hi, I'm Mark Spandrill" - Brand new version of Spark Mandrill (MMX) and Spark Man (MM3)

"Borrow Mega Nuke" - Brand new version of Boomer Kuwanger (MMX)

"MM9 Medley" - New versions of Splash Woman, Plug Man and Wily Machine 2

"X-Hunters" - New versions of X-Hunters stages 1-2 (MMX2) and Gates Lab (MMX6)

"X vs Zero" - New version of X vs Zero (MMX5)

Bit Brigade
"Full Outro" - Version found on Mega Band (MM2)

"Air Man" - Version found on Mega Band (MM2)

"Wily 1" - Version found on Mega Band (MM2)

Mega Ran
"20XX" - Brand new song feat. the Prologue Stage (MMX)

"Splash" - Version found on Mega Ran 9

"Wily" - Version found on 5th Anniversary Special Edition

You'll be able to pick up MM25: Mega Man Rocks! on,, and iTunes.


Our Take
This album is something exciting for Mega Man fans, but the truth is that the Blue Bomber deserves more from Capcom. It's been too long since we've had a new Mega Man title, and it's even taken Keiji Inafune and his new company to propose something in the spirit of those original titles. But at least we have Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS to look forward to.