You might recall that Square Enix temporarily suspended digital sales of Final Fantasy XIV to deal with overwhelming demand. If you've been holding out for a downloadable version, you can now purchase in that format once more.

The sales were suspended on August 28, shortly after the title's early access launch. The game experienced significant login and server problems that Square Enix now claims have been resolved by making available increased capacity.

As a way to appease fans, Square Enix offered seven additional days of time for anyone that registered before September 9, 2013. In some regions, including Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, Sony fully refunded digital purchases of the PlayStation 3 version.


Our Take
Successful MMOs have launch issues. This is an unfortunate fact of the genre that hasn't been solved yet. As long as players understand that things are going to be rough at the beginning, and publishers budget compensation for those troubles, there is no long-term harm. Just ask Blizzard how badly the early problems affected World of Warcraft's success.