We've known for some time that LocoCycle would be coming to Xbox One, but developer Twisted Pixel has cleared up some more information at PAX this year. According to Joystiq, the insane downloadable title will retail for $20 on the new console's launch day.

An Xbox 360 version is still in development, but no release details have been announced. If you want to read more about the game that stars a sentient, talking motorcycle, you can check out our talk with Twisted Pixel studio director Michael Wilford here.

Our Take
It's always good to have some higher-profile titles at the launch of a downloadable service, but we'll have to wait and see if it benefits from next-gen technology or simply feels like a port of a 360 game. It'll also be interesting to see if the $20 tag becomes more standard than the usual $10 and $15 games during this generation.