Twisted Pixel has announced that it's bringing LocoCycle to the Xbox One. In case the name isn't ringing any bells, it's the one about a sentient motorcycle who drags a hapless engineer across the country and through a series of action-movie style encounters.

The game is coming to the Xbox One as a downloadable title. The studio says an Xbox 360 version of the game is in development as well.

Players control I.R.I.S., a "martial arts wielding assassin motorcycle" (according to Twisted Pixel) on a quest for freedom. Her engineer, Pablo, is snagged on her frame, and he becomes an accidental part of the journey. As you can see from the trailer below, he becomes more of an active participant in the adventure, fending off enemies with melee attacks and even redirecting missiles their way. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, which is something that Twisted Pixel is completely fine with.

The game was first announced at last year's E3.