If you wanted evidence that Skylanders has gone outside its demographic, here it is. The third game in Activision's $1.5 billion franchise is getting a collector's edition, even if it doesn't carry those exact words.

The Skylanders: Swap Force Dark Edition will retail for $99.99 only at Gamestop (disclosure: GameStop is Game Informer's parent company). The extra $25 gets you two additional figures and a larger character poster.

Each of the five figures carries a unique color scheme only available in this pack. The five characters are: Dark Stealth Elf, Dark Spyro, Dark Blast Zone, Dark Washbuckler, and Dark Lockjaw. The standard version of the game includes Washbuckler, Blast Zone, and Stealth Elf.

All copies of Skylanders: Swap Force come with a new Portal of Power. Old portals will not work with the latest entry in the series.


Our Take
As a collector of Skylanders variants (that don't end up in my children's pile of figures), this version of the game is particularly appealing to me. My son continues to revisit both Spyro's Adventure and Giants every time he gets new figures (I dole them out slowly over time), and I expect that Swap Force will see as much play in our house.

Both Spyro and Lockjaw will be available as regular figures at some point (the Wave 1 lineup hasn't been announced yet). If you don't want to pay the premium or don't care about the dark versions, then you won't miss anything by waiting. 

I know there are other adults out there that love collecting these as much as I do. I suspect that this version is aimed at us.