Back in June, Capcom announced a contest encouraging musicians to submit remixed versions of Remember Me's impressive soundtrack. Capcom has unveiled the winners.

The winners are Connor Mills from Ireland A.K.A. “Alaskan” with The relaxing electro remix and Nick Gonzalez A.K.A. "Atpunk" with the Awesome rock mix from the United States. Alaskan won the community vote and Atpunk won the Capcom jury vote.

Both winners received a console of their choice, a copy of Remember Me, assorted Capcom merchandise, and a unique vinyl LP version of their remix encased in a custom sleeve designed by Remember Me Art Director, Aleksi Briclot.

Capcom has also put together a free downloadable album compiling all of the best submitted remixes here.

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Our Take
It's always cool to see contests that reward creativity, and its equally cool that Capcom didn't keep all the remixes to themselves. The music in Remember Me is one of the game's best features, and this contenst and its follow through was a good way to highlight it.