Microsoft has announced two new cable partners for its video service that is free for anyone with an Xbox Live Gold account. Nickelodeon and Comedy Central stand-up programming are now available via an app download on the dashboard.

You might recall that Netflix lost a significant amount of Viacom programming in June. While much of that went to Amazon Prime Video on Demand, South Park is still not available, as one can imagine that Viacom is asking a pretty penny for the rights.

If you are in the mood for stand-up, or your kids have been craving Dora, Diego, or the newest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, you can load up the apps right now from your dashboard.

[Source: Xbox Wire]


Our Take
The Nick app brings back a lot of the shows that my kids lost when Viacom and Netflix ended their relationship. The Comedy Central programming doesn't fill the gap, though.

It's just stand-up right now, which means no South Park. The loss of one of Comedy Central's most important series was devastating to Netflix, and until we get it back in some subscription-based, on-demand form, the hole in my heart remains. Here's hoping that both sides get what they want out of the deal and deepen the relationship. Then again, with the Xbox One, maybe the current television apps will be obsolete with the full integration Microsoft has been showing off.