One of the things that continues to tug console gamers toward gaming PCs is the openness of the platform. Sure, there are titles like Minecraft and Far Cry 3 that allow basic customization, but if you've ever seen the useful, absurd, or gorgeous mods that fill Skyrim's section of the Steam Workshop, you know there's so much more out there.

Volition is the latest developer to build a bridge between casual modders and the games they love. A Volition staff member by the name of Mike W. has chimed in on the forums to share the company's intention to support the Saints Row community moving forward.

Other members of the team have followed suit, answering questions in order to help set expectations and guide users. Mike W. (who goes by the forum name "Knobby") has indicated that Volition will release as much as possible, though some tools rely on internal systems and won't work in the wild.

Even then, the team is trying to figure out how to adapt those elements for distribution. Volition seems to be doing everything in its power to support the Saints Row faithful, even taking limited personal time during the lead up to Saints Row IV (which is out in only two months).

From a business perspective, a vibrant modding community enhances the trailing sales of a title by increasing the value of the purchase over time. As more user content is created, the life of the game gets longer. Additionally, strong relationships with the modding community complements an already tight rapport with average players.

That said, Saints Row is already an absurd experience. How are modders going to top running around as a cyber toilet bowl?

Thanks to Dan for the tip.

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