To lump all zombie games into one category would be a mistake. There are first-person titles (Dead island), team-based survival experiences (Left 4 Dead), and those that give you a limited amount of time to complete missions and take out as many of the undead as possible (Dead Rising). Is there room for yet another shambling corpse-filled game? The team at Undead Labs thinks so.

We previewed State of Decay at PAX East this year and came away impressed with its focus on survival and community-building aspects. Additionally, the focus on a real-time clock that keeps ticking even when you're away sounds like it would make for some intense scenarios. We'll be able to find out for ourselves this week.

State of Decay arrives on Xbox Live Arcade on June 5, 2013, for 1600 Microsoft points ($20). A PC release is also planned, but as of now, it has not been confirmed for the same date.