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State of Decay

Zombie Sandbox State Of Decay Coming In June To Xbox Live and PC

There is always room for another zombie game, especially one as ambitious as Undead Labs' State of Decay. In a new trailer released today, we get a good look at some of the elements that separate this shambling corpse-filled adventure from every other. 

The open world allows for players to band together and build themselves a home. That lovely domicile will even have windows, which you can jump through in case of undead invasion. The trailer also spends a generous amount of time on vehicles, showcasing the different types of automobiles (and related carnage) available to players.

The team at Undead Labs seems to have a wonderful rapport with the community, having recently answered more than thirty questions posed by fans. In addition, there is a wealth of detail about the different elements that come together in State of Decay to create a more fleshed out model of a zombie apocalypse than we've seen before. June can't drag itself here soon enough, but at least you have our PAX East 2013 preview of the title to keep you occupied.

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  • Coop available!?!?!?
  • God i really like the look of this game.The effects look sharp and the premise (though done before) seems more polished than other games in the genre.Hopefully the gameplay hits the same peek as the ambition.
  • I hope this game is good. If so then my wife and I found a new fun co-op game!
  • Never heard of this game before. Sounds like a fun premise, and the trailer was cool. I think this'll scratch the itch that Dead Rising almost did: it was fun to mess around with zombies, but it was bogged down by having to complete the game first, and by the time limit imposed in other modes. Looking forward to June!
  • It's single player only everyone, but they are making a mmo version and going to use feedback from this game to fine tune the mmo version.
  • Sounds like fun.

  • Looks like fun, will be looking forward to it.

  • hooooly crap, i love cars, i love guns, i sometimes love zombies, and i ALWAYS love customization. This game seems to be putting them together in a very good way

  • I have been waiting for this game for a loooooooong time. Im glad to see its finally being released.

  • So if the Zombie apocalypes acually does happen,me and 2 friends are posting up on the roof of costco,close the metal doors,clear out the remaining zombies inside and wait it out. (it only takes 2 months for the body to decompose and after a week the flesh would be so weak theyd literally fall apart from their own weight.)
  • Wonder if it will be as bad as DayZ or WarZ.
  • It's about damn time this game gets a release date.

    I've been waiting a long time for this game.

  • Great to see that you guys have this on here already. I'm glad State of Decay is getting some much needed recognition. Hopefully this will boost sales and make it easier for UL to make Class 4.

  • Of all the recent zombie games, this one has been on my radar for a while. I like the idea of taking RPG/MMO concepts (creating and customizing your own character, exploring a large open world, getting to establish your own home/base) and putting them into a single-player game. Plus, if they add multiplayer/co-op down the line, even better! It'd be interesting to see how it could work as an MMO but I guess DayZ and War Z have already proven that such a concept can work.
  • This looks like a ton of fun.

  • Been waiting a long time for this, can't wait!

  • These zombie games are being done to death.
  • No love for PS3.... Oh wait. Microsoft game studios.  Nevermind.

  • this is what AMC's the Walking dead game should have been. looks good, hope it plays well.  

  • This sort of looks like Zombie U and Day Z mixed together

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