The topic of microtransactions is a hot one, and Halo 4 executive producer Dan Ayoub says that his team has had their eye on them. Citing the success of Gears of War's cosmetic skins, Ayoub told Digital Spy that, "Halo certainly has the potential for those kinds of things."

Microtransactions have been in the news recently, with EA making waves after telling Morgan Stanley conference attendees that all of their upcoming games would include them. This statement was later clarified, but it shined a light on growing discontent with the practice when incorporated in full-priced titles. The nickel-and-dime approach tempered enthusiasm for a number of Dead Space devotees, since the third entry in the franchise ramped up their inclusion.

Were Halo to incorporate small, cosmetic items in the way that Gears of War does, there would be no impact on game play (other than that one glowing guy making himself a target on the battlefield). Provided there are no perks, more powerful weapons, or ability unlocks that disrupt matchmaking, it's hard to argue with microtransactions. While Ayoub is otherwise quiet on the subject, don't be surprised if that flaming helmet you love will cost you in the next Halo title.

[via Digital Spy]