As promised earlier this month, Sony has released a patch that will address the difficulty of the Trials of Archimedes section of the single-player game, and adds some customization options to Ascension's multiplayer.

You will now be able to add "Marks" to your multiplayer avatar, which have been outlined below:

  • Mark of the Thief, for HADES
  • Mark of the Trojan, for ALL
  • Mark of the Spartan, for ALL
  • Mark of the Legionnaire, for ARES
  • Mark of the Mercenary, for ZEUS
  • Mark of the Deep, for POSEIDON

As far as the Trials of Archimedes challenge goes, more green health orbs have been added, and few blue orbs as well. The combat and enemies will remain at the same difficulty, but the health and magic bonuses should make the process a little easier.

[via PlayStation Blog]