Electronic Arts’ chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen said “a couple of new sports franchises” may be added to the developer’s stable of sports games.

The revelation came during the Wedbush Technology Conference today. While answering a question about EA’s planned releases, Jorgensen pointed out that EA “didn’t necessarily cancel” the NBA Live franchise, just that it wasn’t delivered on time. 

"For us, the big opportunities continue to be the FIFA franchise, the Battlefield franchise and then the core sports [franchises] of Madden, NCAA , NHL, adding NBA, and possibly a couple of new sports franchises along that way," Jorgensen said. "Clearly, that's a big strength of the company and we want to continue that."

The UFC series is currently being developed by EA. According to Polygon, a new baseball game may also be in EA's sights now that Take-Two’s (developer of the MLB 2K series) exclusive third-party licensing agreement with Major League Baseball has expired.

[Source: Polygon]