Today at Electronic Arts’ E3 2012 press conference, the company announced it has entered into a new licensing agreement with the UFC. Previously one of THQs key brands, EA Sports is poised to create multiple mixed martial arts games under the UFC’s banner.

After an unenthused fist-bump with the EA representative, the president of the UFC, Dana White, told the crowd “This is it. This is the big one.”

THQ CEO Brian Farrell notes "We have relished our relationship with UFC over the last several years and believe that the UFC gaming brand is in great shape. THQ’s more focused strategy moving forward meant that transferring the license to EA made sense to all parties. We would like to thank UFC for their great support and partnership and wish EA all the best moving forward.”

Sorry THQ, looks like you'll just have to enjoy UFC while slurping down beers and licking buffalo sauce off your fingers like the rest of us.