Virgin Game and EA Sports partnered again for the annual EA Sports Challenge Series Feb. 9, one of the largest live gaming tournament in the world, and battled solely on the PlayStation 3. 

That Saturday morning, 1000 spectators entered Lagasse’s Stadium in Las Vegas to watch 640 gamers compete for one of the industry’s largest prize pools.

“In 2012, when we launched the inaugural EA SPORTS Challenge Series, we set the bar high for video game tournaments by creating a truly groundbreaking event for gamers from all over the world”, said Billy Levy, co-founder and president of Virgin Gaming. “Now in its second year, we witnessed once again the best competition for FIFA Soccer 13, MADDEN 13 and NHL 13 all playing under one roof for their share of $1,000,000.”

The EA Sports Challenge Series kicked off in September where competitors from around the globe entered online in Madden 13, FIFA Soccer 13, and NHL 13 for a chance to be able to compete in the Series. After a series of qualifying and semi-final matches, the top 640 competitors were chosen to play in the final Series showdown in Las Vegas to compete for the grand prize. Grand prize winners this year included Eric Wright, who won the Madden championship, his third win in a competitive Madden challenge. Including this most recent success, Wrights has brought home over $390,000 in prize money.

“Our vision has always been to make competitive gaming more fun and accessible by doing what we do best--arming players from all corners of the world with the tools to win big cash prizes and epic opportunities, all from the comfort of their couch,” said Levy. “Being able to run a live tournament that culminates all of the time and effort that the gamers put in to qualifying for the 2013 EA SPORTS Challenge Series, is incredible to witness firsthand and extremely rewarding for everyone involved.”