Gamers have a chance to win over $1 million in cash prizes in the EA Sports Challenge Series starting today.

The challenge is exclusive to PlayStation 3 and focuses on three titles: Madden NFL 12, NHL 12 and FIFA 12. The EA Sports Challenge series is being powered by Virgin Gaming, an online platform for competitive console gaming. Virgin Games CEO Rob Segal says this partnership is just the beginning for the company.

“Our goal and our message to the industry is that Virgin Gaming is a safe and secure, fully automated platform. It allows the publishers as well as gamers to monetize the playing of video games for the first time,” he told Game Informer.

“Where we’re going, right now, we chose the hardest systems to start with – Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 – but we view our platform as console agnostic and we see ourselves soon having the ability to power tournaments across mobile phones and tablets.”

Virgin Gaming launched out of beta about a year ago. Segal says about 750,000 users play through Virgin currently and expects that number to reach one million by the end of December.

Players looking to compete in the EA Sports Challenge Series can register and participate immediately. The tournaments for NHL, Madden, and FIFA begin with online qualifiers. The finals are being hosted in New York this coming April.

For more on the EA Sports Challenge Series head over to the official website.