We recently posted a news story showing off a Half-Life 2 mod that uses a camera to sense player’s head movements, allowing them to carefully peak around corners. A new head and gun-tracking mod has arrived on the scene that puts the previous effort to shame. Oculus Rift developer Nathan Andrews has posted a new video showing how the technology will make players truly feel like they’re in Gordon Freeman’s HEV suit.

Nathan uses some of the same technology John Carmack previously showed in use with Doom 3 BFG Edition. The tech allows the game to track the players head and gun position, allowing them to look and aim freely. The marksmanship shown off in the video below is deadly accurate, and should make fans of the Half-Life series very curious. Nathan makes shooting down Combine ships and Manhackss look like a breeze.

Consumer versions of the Oculus Rift aren’t yet available, but if you’re a tinkerer you can pick up the dev kit for $300 and download Nathan's Half-Life 2 mod (compatible with Episodes 1 and 2).

[Via Reddit]