One of Microsoft's studios in Vancouver has been given an official moniker – Black Tusk Studio, and although the developer hasn't released anything just yet, it has high ambitions.

A profile piece in The Vancouver Sun talks to Black Tusk's studio manager, Mike Crump, who says that the developer is working on a triple-A title that he wants to be "the next Halo." The Sun article says that Black Tusk's game is for the Xbox 360.

Last year, it was revealed that a Microsoft studio in Vancouver was working on a hardcore Kinect shooter, and although at the time the developer wasn't known as Black Tusk Studio, the studios and projects appear to be one and the same. Clicking on the jobs listing in the original article that used to take you to now redirects you to Black Tusk's website. At the time, the company was seemingly called Zipline Studios.

Last year, Microsoft closed another studio in the area that was working on a free flight simulator and a Kinect-based project involving interactive books.

The Vancouver Sun article doesn't mention Kinect in relation to Black Tusk's current game, so we'll have to wait and see if this Vancouver project has undergone other changes other than the developer's name.