Apple's App Store is a busy place, with new games being added nearly every minute. With that kind of volume, it's easy to see how a few things slip through the cracks, such as a completely unauthorized (and nonfunctional) Pokemon Yellow title. In that instance, it was quickly pulled from the marketplace. We've learned of another game that's currently available for sale, and it quite obviously recycles assets from someone else's project. It begs the question: Is anyone even awake in Apple's app-authorization department?

For whatever reasons, the developers of "Knights Fight" thought it would be wise to copy and paste screens and icon art from Robot Entertainment's Hero Academy in their own description, including Hero Academy's title screen. We contacted Robot Entertainment about the situation, and were told that the company does know about it, and that they're awaiting a response from Apple.

In the meantime, someone needs to nudge Apple awake. Seriously.



[Via the Something Awful forums]