We haven't heard much about the Mass Effect anime since it was announced last year, but now some new information is coming out of the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

In an interview with DailyMotion (via CVG), Funimation representative Justin Rojas revealed that the upcoming anime spin-off of the Mass Effect universe will focus on James Vega, one of the new party members introduced in Mass Effect 3. Apparently subtitled "Paragon Lost," the anime will explore Vega's backstory, which is only touched on briefly in the game.

"He's done some epic things," Rojas said. "You just haven't been able to see it in the game yet."

Rojas says Funimation is working closely with BioWare and EA and expects to release the Mass Effect anime this fall. Meanwhile the Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker anime will be releasing on May 29.

Check out the interview with Rojas for yourself below to get an early look at some of the concept art and visual style for the Mass Effect anime.

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