Is this the dumbest name for a video game? This, and other important questions considered as we take a look at the first info on the new Square Enix game.

Japanese gaming site andriasang has some of the first details regarding this incredibly oddly named game coming to 3DS from Square Enix. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, announced just last week, stars four main characters, one of whom is depicted in the first art piece of the game, seen above. The "Flying Fairy" in the story is the winged creature above the girl. Gameplay is built around a traditional RPG structure with turn-based battles, random encounters, and and job system akin to Final Fantasy V.

We're happy to see Square Enix exploring a new franchise on 3DS. And we're certainly fans of some classic RPG action. But that name? What's going on, Square Enix? Do you want people to be confused by your games?