Director Seth Gordon blew up in 2007 when he released the fantastic Donky Kong-based documentary, King of Kong. Since then, though, he's been stuck directing TV shows and middling comedies like Four Christmases and the upcoming Horrible Bosses. Not so for long; Gordon will be returning to movies based around video games when he directs an upcoming MGM reboot of the '80s thriller War Games.

Revealed last week by Deadline, there is little information about this reboot at the moment. The original dealt with a nuclear missile crisis related to a computer program running military simulations. Deadline reports that MGM will be granting Gordon creative freedom to expand on that story as he sees fit and make it work in a modern setting with the much more sophisticated technology.

Personally, I just hope that we get a Matthew Broderick cameo and that the computer in the movie is still named WOPR.

[via GameSetWatch]