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ORIGINAL STORY: Last December the Game Informer staff embarked on a harrowing trek through PSone Overblood, and we haven't been the same since. We all recently developed the sadomasochistic urge to please Super Replay fans by subjecting ourselves to hours of questionable gameplay. With the maddening journey of Overblood behind us, we're leaving it up to you to decide what awful horror title we tackle next.

We're not talking about recording a regular old 45 minute-long Replay here. We will play whichever of the following games you select, from beginning to end. You and the entire Game Informer community will be able to vote (regardless of user level) until this Friday.

The nominees are Countdown: Vampires, Dracula: Resurrection, Galerians, and Martian Gothic. The four games were originally sampled as part of our Replay Roulette segment. We've compiled a montage (below) of those games to make your choice easier. If you'd like to see them uncut, check them out in our Replay hub.

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