Long ago, in a time before every game was developed with dual analog sticks in mind, there was Ape Escape. This innovative game tasked players with capturing a tremendous amount of escaped, mischief-making monkeys, using one analog stick to control the hero and the other to swing an ape net. This old gem planted the seed for a fun series, and secured a place in the memories of those who played it at its prime.

Join Andrew Reiner, Dan Ryckert, and myself as we embark on a quest to reclaim as many apes as an episode of Replay allows. Along our journey we learn what monkey's like to do in their free time, discover the true meaning of swimming, and discuss how the game stacks up to today's titles.

Note: Remember to stick around for the roulette, which will be another Super Replay candidate for our spiritual successor to Overblood. Then be sure to come back on Monday when we will post a highlight reel and poll which will help you decide what game we play for an upcoming Super Replay. So far we've checked out Countdown: Vampires, Dracula: The Resurrection, and Galerians. What does this week have in store? Find out!

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