This headline may look totally absurd, but with Capcom increasingly focused on Western development, a rumor has sprung up that the next Resident Evil game is being worked on by Slant Six Games, the team that created SOCOM: Confrontation for the PlayStation 3.

Kotaku is reporting on this rumor based off of a mysterious document they were sent. According to the document, Slant Six Games has been brought on to work on a game currently titled "Resident Evil: Raccoon City," suggesting a story set further back in the RE timeline or possibly a reboot.

A couple other pieces of evidence add fuel to the fire. Slant Six's website says that they are working on "an amazing new project" with "our new publishing partner on a world class franchise." Meanwhile, on its Twitter account back in March Slant Six was looking for a Japanese translator.

I reached out to Capcom about the rumor, but they responded only to say that they do not comment on rumors and speculation.