Final Fantasy XIV went live two weeks ago, and I've already shared my impressions from launch week. Now I want to know your questions. Leave a comment in this story with whatever burning questions you have about Square's new MMO, and I'll pick out the best questions and answer them on tomorrow's episode of Respec Radio.

Curious about an aspect of FF XIV that I didn't cover in my impressions? Want some clarification on why I like or dislike certain elements of the game? Leave a comment with your question below by 12 p.m. CST on Tuesday, October 5. I probably won't be able to answer every question, but I'll try to get to as many as possible during the show tomorrow. This special FF XIV-themed edition of Respec Radio will go up some time tomorrow night.

(And for those who are concerned, yes, we'll talk about other MMO stuff as well. And yes, other MMO stuff mostly just means me gloating to Andy about being correct with the Cataclysm launch date.)