We rather enjoyed Alan Wake, the recent new IP from Remedy Entertainment. In fact, it seems like most people who played it enjoyed it. So how come more people didn't pick it up when it came out in May?

According to May's NPD results, Alan Wake only barely cracked the top 10 for the month, selling less than 150,000 copies. Speaking to VG247, Remedy franchise head Oskari Hakkinen remained positive, focusing on the positive critical and fan reception for the game and noting that it "has legs."

"...those that have already enjoyed Wake are clearly inspired to talk more about the game and tell their fellow gamers to try it also," Hakkinen said.

As to the question of why it didn't sell boatloads, Hakkinen blamed it on "a very competitive launch window, with some games dominating with extremely aggressive marketing." He seemed hopeful about the possibilities for a sequel.

So we've heard Remedy's thoughts, but we want to know yours. Did you buy Alan Wake? Why didn't it sell more copies? Do you think it deserved to sell better, and do you think it will continue selling? Let us know in the comments.