I've been eager for every new detail I can unearth on upcoming downloadable game Comic Jumper since my first look back in March. With the game nearing completion and expected to be shown off next week at E3, we got a ton of new details, including information on the last two of the game's four comics and surprising news about Splosion Man, developer Twisted Pixel's previous release.

Check out the info, new screens, and an extended gameplay video below.

As Comic Jumper progresses, protagonist Captain Smiley will jump between different styles of comic books. The team had previously revealed a traditional, modern superhero comic and a Frank Frazetta-inspired barbarian fantasy comic. Now we know the final two styles: a Silver Age superhero book (complete with a goofy sidekick) titled "The Improbable Paper Pals" and a manga known as Cutie Cutie Kid Cupids.

Twisted Pixel also revealed a major bonus you'll get for downloading Comic Jumper: alongside a free Xbox theme and unlockable Avatar awards, a Comic Jumper purchase includes two exclusive levels for Splosion Man, one single-player and one multiplayer. This is a great way of rewarding fan loyalty, and very few developers fill their downloadable games with as many nice bonuses as Twisted Pixel.

At first I was a little bummed to hear that two of Comic Jumper's four styles are being taken up by superhero comics, but then I watched the extended gameplay video below. Do yourself a favor and check it out for a taste of how Twisted Pixel's sense of humor translates to the Silver Age.