UPDATE: It's official! Check out the new, high-quality version of the Halo Reach beta trailer straight from Microsoft below.

ORIGINAL STORY: Though it seems likely that we'll get an official version soon, it looks like a Taiwanese site has leaked a trailer for Bungie and Microsoft's upcoming Halo Reach beta.

The video (posted below) appeared on YouTube early this morning and shows off some of the cool changes to Halo multiplayer that we can expect to find in Reach. Some specific additions called out in the video include loadouts (presumably Call of Duty-style), jetpacks, up-close assassination kills, and new Invasion and Headhunter modes. Sound too good to be true? Check it out:

The trailer also reminds us of the previously announced May 3 start date for the beta.

Until we hear something official, it's at least a possibility that the trailer isn't legit. But if it is fake, it's an incredibly well-done, professional fake. What do you think? Is it real? And if so, has your excitement for the beta also skyrocketed?

[Thanks to KhoIdstare for the tip]

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