2015 had an incredible year of adventure games lined from end to end. 2016 didn’t have quite as many, but what it lacked in quantity it made up for in quality with a handful of fantastic narrative-driven experiences. With our general 2016 awards now live, we’re going to give the adventure genre its due.

Best Story: Firewatch

Firewatch, a story about a man who takes a job as a fire lookout at a national park in 1989, begins as a slow burn mystery that ultimately evolves into something more special. Both Henry and Delilah are troubled people, each with their own fair share of traumas, and it’s (fascinating and moving) to watch them meet in the middle and try to hash it all out, resulting in one of the most memorable stories in a game in years.

Best Setting: Adrift

Adrift’s story may not have lived up to its potential but the game has represented the dangers and terror of space in a way that few have, casting you as an astronaut floating through the wreckage of a destroyed space station. Whether you were playing in VR or just watching events unfold across your screen, Adrift’s tension was unbeatable.

Best Graphics: Abzu

While Firewatch’s lovely sunsets and Pixar inspired character models stuck out in our minds, it was ultimately Abzu’s gorgeous watercolor-esque visuals that won us over.

Best Soundtrack: Virginia

Virginia is a divisive game, but one of the few things that most people seem to agree on is just how great the driving soundtrack is (reminiscent of Coen Brothers films’ music), and how essential it is to the experience of the game. Even if Virginia isn’t your sort of game, you can still listen to its fantastic music and be enthralled.

Best Character: Delilah (Firewatch)

You never actually see Delilah throughout your adventure. However, due to just how well-written her dialogue is (as well as the strength of the performance from Cissy Jones), she’s more human than most characters you’ll ever run across in a game.

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