We got our NES Classic Edition console in today, and in response we carefully ripped open the package and took a bunch of photos.

The box is suprisingly small. It's a little bigger than a stack of about five DVD cases.

You know it's retro because the word 'retro' is written in pixelated text on the back.

The instruction manual unfolds to double as a classic poster, showing off a number of things that are not included in the box, like R.O.B. the robot, an extra controller, or an NES Zapper.

Here's the actual system.

Here's the back of the system with its HDMI and USB ports.

Here's a close-up look at the power and reset buttons. The power button stays recessed when you press it, just as it did on the original console.

The cables come in bags which can later be used to store a sandwich, some baby carrots, and single pringle potato chip, from left to right. It's worth noting that the power brick is your standard USB power device. It is not proprietary.

A nice touch – the HDMI cable is branded with the Nintendo logo. The Wii U also includes a cable like this.

Here's the controller.

Here's the back of the controller.

For more images of the NES Classic Edition, including pictures of the controller's surprisingly short length, head to page two.