I'm an established pro at analyzing deadly video game characters, from the ferocious beasts of Monster Hunter to the slightly less ferocious beasts of Pokémon to the lethal fashion sensibilities of Devil May Cry's cast (that last one is a bit of a stretch, I admit). I didn't expect BioShock Infinite's foes to put up much of a fight, but my initial research revealed some shockingly dangerous enemies. Here's my rank of the deadliest enemies in BioShock Infinite, from wimpiest to most dangerous.

Enemy #9: Songbird
Analysis: Much ado has been made about Songbird, the giant flying monster that's constantly chasing you through Columbia. Frankly, I don't see what the big deal is; he's just a big robotic bird. You know who else was a robotic bird? Bubo, the mechanical owl from Clash of the Titans – and he was hilarious!

If Songbird was actually terrifying, he wouldn't be named Songbird. I bet there's some kind of twist where the winged creature turns out to be a misunderstood sweetheart.
Threat Level: It's a bird.

Enemy #8: Horn Guy
Analysis: I'll admit this guy looks a little creepy in an Alice In Wonderland sort of way, but think about it: It's just a dude with horns on his head. What's he going to do, give you a headache? I guess if he blows loud enough he could injure your ear drums, but it seems like his main form of attack can be nullified by a 99¢ pair of earplugs.
Threat Level: More annoying than deadly

Enemy #7: Flying Squirrel Dude
Analysis: Holy crap, these guys can fly? I don't know what the backstory for these human-looking enemies are, but based on their behavior I'd say their DNA has been crossed with a flying squirrel somehow. I'm not going to speculate as to how they may have been exposed to squirrel DNA, but I'm sure the explanation only makes them even more terrifying.
Threat Level: High (especially if you're a squirrel)

Enemy #6: Oven Face
Analysis: This enemy appears to have an oven for a face. He's also covered in glowing pipes and has fire shooting out his head. Also, he may be farting an explosion. So either he's got all that fire under control and is extremely dangerous, or he's ready to burst into flames at any moment. Either way, I'd steer clear of him.
Threat Level: Flames are never a good sign

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