Running won’t get you anywhere in life, but in the bulk of these games, running could save your life. From collecting bananas to racing ice cream trucks to dropping pots on an unknowing passerby’s head, this week’s mobile games will have you running and flinching in your sleep.

Temple Run 2
Developer: Imangi Studios, LLC
Price: Free
Platforms: iOS, Android

With the return of the almighty endless runner app, Temple Run 2 delivers all of the grandeur of the first installment, and more. Temple Run 2 has well over 50 million downloads already making it the fastest-growing mobile app ever. In this segment, players zipline across caverns and traverse treacherous forests to escape the (now bigger) evil monkey. Temple Run 2 offers brand new power-ups and more achievements with enhanced graphics. 

Banana Kong
Developer: FDG Entertainment
Price: $.99
Platforms: iOS

It’s no Donkey Kong, but Banana Kong is an endless runner game that has you collecting bananas and avoiding obstacles to maneuver your way through a multitude of sundry levels. The goal is to outrun the mountain of bananas encroaching on your friendly primate. Remember to jump gaps and lava pits and avoid strategically-placed boulders and fragmented airplanes, or it’s back to the starting line for you. 

Developer: Ming Jing
Price: Free
Platforms: iOS

As if it stepped right out of a late night Adult Swim program, Badass is a free app that has you carry out a throng of futile tasks, anywhere from sticking your hand in the mouth of a shark without getting bitten, to setting off a smoke detector with a cigarette. Like its distant counterpart, Warioware, the minigames in Badass exhibit similar, if not more outlandish entertainment. The haphazard themes of each minigame, paired with the sometimes disturbing (and comical) gameplay have you returning repeatedly for another attempt. 

Crazy Run: Gangnam Style
Developer: Tobias Stevens
Price: Free
Platforms: iOS

No, it’s not ‘A Gangnam Run’ or ‘Run and Jump Gangnam.’ This is Crazy Run: Gangnam Style, plain and simple. Remember Robot Unicorn Attack? Take that, but with Psy dashing through vibrant levels and collecting horse heads and power-ups. As if Robot Unicorn Attack wasn’t ridiculous enough with Erasure’s “Always” playing in the background,  now you’ve got one of the most ludicrous (and popular) YouTube songs to sing your game play away. 

Table Top Racing
Developer: Playrise Edge Ltd.
Price: $2.99
Platforms: iOS

In this combat racing game, the vehicles are as unusual as the racing style. Race anything from ice cream trucks to Dodge Challenger look-a-likes and collect experience coins to unlock more cars and courses. Use the touch controls on either side of the screen to steer and collect boxes with question marks to obtain a surprise weapon.