The Internet raged when Ninja Theory revealed its younger, emo-fied version of Devil May Cry's demon-hunting protagonist. But is the new Dante really less chic than the old one – or any other character in the series? Join us as we rate the fashion sense of Devil May Cry's characters.

I'm not a huge Devil May Cry expert, but I am an expert at assessing video game characters. My stunning insight into the characters of The Witcher prepared gamers for CD Projekt Red's sequel, and my analysis of Soul Calibur's characters provided Namco Bandai with better backstories for Soul Calibur V (which they still haven't used, but whatever). Now I'm evaluating the fashion sense of Devil May Cry characters. Easy peasy.


Name: (New) Dante
Analysis: I'm all for hating on characters, but I don't see a whole lot wrong with the new Dante. Granted, he might be a little skinny for a demon hunter – but he also has flaming Hulk fists. That makes up for looking like he could start his own boy band. I'd lose the Union Jack patch, though; it's more entitled hipster than half-demon vigilante.
Fashion Rating: Flaming Hulk hands are always fashionable.

Name: (Old) Dante
So this is what fans miss, huh? First of all, cows don't wear this much leather. Dante's wearing leather chaps over what look like leather pants, a full-length leather coat, and leather gloves. His shirt looks like it might be leather too, and it's apparently being held on by three seat belts. Someone also needs to tell Dante that only cowboys wear oversized belt buckles, and I'm pretty sure they only wear them to prevent getting shot in the crotch.
Fashion Rating:
Dante's white hair gives him a distinguished look – which is immediately ruined by the gaudy Vegas rodeo getup. Also, no Hulk hands.


Name: Nero
What? How is this not Dante? All he did was trade his leather in for denim. White hair? Check. Giant sword? Check. Useless buckles? Check. He's even got a demon hand, for crying out loud. Is this one of those Clark Kent/Superman deals? Does Dante become Nero when he parts his hair on the other side of his head?
Fashion Rating:
Nero's fashion sense is just as bad as Dante – probably because he's clearly Dante.

Name: (Old) Vergil
The old Vergil might be the most stylish male character of the Devil May Cry series. He's still wearing a lot of leather like his younger brother Dante, but he manages to make it look classy. His jacket even matches the color of his eyes; I'm guessing he's a real hit with the ladies. Unlike Dante – who's clearly overcompensating for something – Vergil uses a normal-sized, rather plain-looking sword. It still has super demon powers; Vergil just doesn't have to flaunt it.
Fashion Rating:
Still too many buckles and button flaps, but otherwise not bad.

Name: (New) Vergil
Forget Dante's makeover; Vergil fans are the ones who should be upset by his new look. He's gone completely overboard with his attempt to be fashionable. First off, his jacket appears to be made out of black velvet, which we all know should only be used for Elvis paintings. Second, what does a half-demon badass need a wallet chain for? I bet he doesn't even have a wallet, and if he does there's probably nothing in it. Third, the Joker called and wants his pants back.
Fashion Rating: You know you've gone too far when you're wearing powder blue women's gloves.

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