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$80 to $200— I think you’re gonna love this!


NES & Super NES Hard Drives, $99 (500G), $119 (750G), $129 (1T), $159 (1.5T) • • This is one way to remember the classics. These custom built external drive enclosures are built using classic NES and SNES cartridges such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario World, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If you don’t like any of 8-Bit Memory’s pre-made drives, you can suggest your own custom-built unit. All drives are assembled from Toshiba 2.5-inch hard drives. This might be the perfect solution to the Wii U’s limited internal memory.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard, $79.99 • • Batteries and cords are so overrated. Like Superman, Logitech’s new solar keyboard derives its power from the sun, letting you forget about the hassles of mortals still using traditional keyboards. Don’t play your games in the sun? Fear not: Your indoor lights power the keyboard as well. It’s like your mom’s calculator, only useful. 

Lego The Hobbit: An Unexpected Gathering, (sets from $9.99-99.99) • • The Lego video games provide plenty of fun for the whole family, but if you’re old-school like us, you like to bust out the real blocks from time to time. The upcoming sets based on The Hobbit should appease Tolkien and Lego fans alike. The Goblin King Battle set is our favorite, and features figures of Dori, Nori, Ori, Gandalf, plus the Goblin King and his minions to help populate your new Goblintown.

Kindle Paperwhite, $119 • • Thank goodness tablets finally made -reading cool again; we were tired of getting all of our knowledge from strangers at the bus stop. The newest Kindle packs a higher resolution screen with 62 percent more pixels, a glare-reducing touchscreen, and a built-in light. Somehow the battery still lasts eight weeks. Maybe it’s time to give this reading thing a try; all the kids are talking about it. 

LeapFrog LeapPad2, $99.99 • • Trickery is the best way to teach children, and LeapPad 2 is one of the trickiest learning tools on the market. This kid-friendly tablet features front-and-back cameras with video-recorder capabilities, 4GB of memory, a library of 325+ game cartridges and downloadable apps, and access to a wealth of eBooks, music, and games. If you nurture and love your LeapPad, it might someday grow into an iPad.

Montie Gear Y-Shot Slingshot, $99.95 • • Imagine you’re camping one day, when suddenly you’re attacked by a zombified deer. You whip out this high-tech slingshot, which features a .5-inch aluminum frame cut with a waterjet at 50,000 psi. You pull the slingshot back to its maximum draw of 28 inches and send a ball bearing through the zombie’s head. Your friend yells, “Ew!” but as the beast falls under your boot, you’re glad you brought your Montie.

Nike Fuel+ Band, $149 • • Athletes aren’t fooling anyone – working out sucks. Might as well trick yourself into eating healthy by turning exercise into a game with Nike+. Challenge yourself to beat your high scores, unlock special achievements, and monitor your daily progress as Nike’s FuelBand tracks your steps and caloric burn. Or throw it on your dog and drive through Taco Bell’s takeout window. 

NuForce Cube, $119 • • We know what you’re thinking. “I’ve seen cubes before.” This one is different, my friend. The NuForce Cube is designed to be your all-in-one mobile audio center. A quality headphone amplifier, high-performance speaker, and audiophile grade USB DAC are all crammed into a 2.3-inch cubed frame. The NuForce Cube keeps the party jamming for up to eight hours. 

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