Dragon Mounts
At this year's DICE, Todd Howard teased a number of additions to Skyrim that the team dreamt up during a week of brainstorming. Many of these things will likely never see the light of day, but we couldn't help getting excited by one possibility: dragon mounts.

Sure, being able to ride a dragon would probably ruin the game, and make getting around Skyrim's massive countryside way too easy. We don't care. Most players have already spent a hundred hours exploring the land on foot and use fast travel anyway. Hitching a ride on the back of a dragon would at least keep them in the game world, instead of traveling via a load screen.

Dragon mounts could also require you to capture a dragon before using it for transportation, which could lead to some interesting gameplay scenarios – and be the perfect excuse to revamp dragon combat for something a little less exploitable.

Real Dragon Shouts
Ever since modders added Kinect support to the PC version of Skyrim, we've wanted this to be a real thing. Not only would actually shouting dragon shouts be entertaining, but we'd love to use voice commands to equip spells and weapons without having to open a menu. Bethesda could take another page from BioWare's handbook and add a quick save voice command too. If nothing else, we just want to be able to yell, "Shut up!" at guards who start complaining about their old adventuring-related injuries.

More Hot-Buttoned Abilities
Some folks may think this should be included in an update but we don't care. At this point we'll buy anything in order to have more hot-buttoned abilities. We don't mind if we have to explore to some old Nord ruins and fight a bipedal skeever karate master to uncover the Sacred Power Wheel of Antioch. All we want is to map a couple more abilities to the D-pad. Give us a way to quickly throw on our lockpick-boosting boots or equip a stoneward spell. Scrolling through a crowded quick menu to get from bound sword to steadfast ward takes far too long. Better yet, Bethesda could borrow yet another page from fellow RPG mastermind BioWare and give players the option to equip an ability wheel like in Mass Effect 3.

What kind of DLC do you want for Skyrim? Share your ideas in the comments section below!