Skyrim is one of the biggest and most time-consuming single-player games of this generation, but that doesn't mean gamers aren't ready to return to Tamriel's snow-capped region for more adventures. Bethesda has a history of providing great DLC support for its epic RPGs, and we're guessing Skyrim will be no different. Here is what the Game Informer staff would like to see from Skyrim's post-release content.

New Guilds
We'd love to see a new guild or group storyline added into the mix – one that mixes many of the talents learned in earlier story threads. Each of the existing guilds offered its own fun style of interaction with the world, from the stealth of the Thieves Guild to the dark secrets behind the Companions. A new sect could delve into the fight against the Thalmor/Aldmeri Dominion, and their efforts to control Skyrim. It's one significant thread that remains open as the main story of Skyrim concludes: The Resistance Fighters. 

After the uproar of the Skyrim Civil War, and the unrest caused by the return of the dragons, the entire land of the Nords is ripe for the picking by the elves of the Aldmeri Dominion. With ties to the Empire strained, there are many in Skyrim ready to work with the Thalmor, and the clever elves strike quickly to solidify power. Only the  Dragonborn has the power and acclaim needed to unite the disparate holds and guilds to fight back against the insidious infiltration and takeover. 

Mixing the need for stealth and subterfuge in the early days of the Resistance, political conflict as the player tries to elicit help from outside sources like the Empire, and epic battles against the Thalmor aggressors, the Resistance Fighters storyline could be just what players need as an excuse to return to Skryim.

Instead of offering unreliable AI companions, why not let us enlist the help of a friend? We'd much rather explore the vast countryside and battle through dangerous dungeons with a competent sidekick. Supporting co-op is no easy task, so the likelihood of this addition is weak, but just imagine the possibilities. We've already sunk countless hours into Skyrim, but allowing us to combine spells, perform simultaneous stealth kills, and take on the entire city watch with a friend would easily convince us to return.

Horse Combat
Once you've revealed sections of a map, running across the familiar countryside to your next destination sucks. You know what doesn't suck? Decapitating bandits from horseback along the way. Horse combat could reinvigorate otherwise boring sojourns and convince gamers to forgo fast travel to immerse themselves in the world.