Any gamer knows the cost of gaming goes far beyond the sticker price of the console. Before you know it you’re dropping bills on extra controllers, batteries, online subscription fees – the list goes on. With 3D gaming, motion controls, and downloadable content increasing in prevalence, the cost of gaming continues to rise steadily. How much will an ambitious gamer spend beyond the initial console purchase? We break down the costs for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii.

PlayStation 3
Want to play games like Killzone 3 in 3D and blast through Helghast with Move? Play Uncharted 2 multiplayer online? Download movies and games to your hard drive? Watch Blu-rays in full HD? Here’s what it’ll cost:

Console: PlayStation 3 (160 GB, includes DualShock 3, AV cable, USB cable): $300

HDMI Cable: $10
3D TV: Sony BRAVIA 46”, 1080p, 3D LED-LCD HDTV $2,500
3D Glasses: Sony BRAVIA $150
Extra DualShock 3: $55
USB cable extension: $10
Bluetooth: $15
Game: $60

Estimated Total: $2800 + console = $3,100

Motion Control (2-Players)
Two PlayStation Move Controllers: $50/each ($100)
Two Navigation Controllers: $30/each ($60)
PlayStation Eye: $40

Estimated Total: $200

Grand total: $3,300

Basic PSN account ($0); PlayStation Plus ($50/year; $18/3 months) [PageBreak]

Xbox 360
Want to play Gears of War online with your buddies? Download the latest games from Xbox Live Arcade? Knock out your kids while dancing around in your living room? Here’s what it’ll cost:

Console: Xbox 360 S (250 GB, includes wireless controller, composite AV cable, one month Xbox Live Gold membership, headset): $300

HDMI Cable: $10
HDTV: Sony BRAVIA 46”, 1080P, LCD HDTV $1,000
Extra wireless controller: $50
Controller batteries: Duracell Value Charger With 4AA Pre-Charged Batteries $17
Game: $60

Estimated Total: $1,137 + console = $1,437

Motion Control (2-Players)
Kinect (includes Kinect Adventures): $150

Estimated Total: $150

Grand Total: $1,587

Xbox Live Gold account ($60/year; $25/3 months; $10/1 month) [Silver is free, but limits online activity]