Between constant news stories, impressions, and episodes of our MMO podcast, Respec Radio, chances are that you've heard some hype for Cataclysm, the latest expansion for World of Warcraft. But what's the big deal? It's just another generic fantasy MMO, right? On this guided tour of the new Goblin race starting zone, I explain to Reiner (and you!) how Blizzard has crafted such a compelling and special experience with Cataclysm.

Even if you're not a World of Warcraft player, this video should do a good job of showing you why people enjoy the game. Watch the video below to see how the early Goblin storyline plays out, complete with football, hot rods, a dinner party, a cutscene, and a special guest appearance by current WoW lead bad guy, Deathwing. And unlike Respec Radio, you don't have to put up with Adam or Andy! Bonus!

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