Sometimes subtlety is a good thing. We know you’re a geek, as advertised by the giant Nintendo logo across your chest, the classy reference to teabagging n00bs on your shirt, or the slogan on your backside so “1337” it’s nearly illegible.

Reality Check – you can still proudly flaunt that you enjoy interactive entertainment without  sacrificing good taste. We take a look at gaming related garb (25 items in total) that you can wear while maintaining your dignity. Most of them are clever, well designed, or just plain irresistible. Zombie Bulbasaur? Sold.

Remember, geek is chic now. So go throw this out.

[Designer] Eduardo San Gil  [Price] $18  [Distributor] Threadless

[Designer] Randy Otter   [Price] $23.94   [Distributor] RedBubble

[Designer] Guitar Atomik   [Price] $24.94   [Distributor] RedBubble

[Designer]   Joseph Baum   [Price] $18   [Distributor] Threadless

 [Designer] Aled Lewis   [Price] $18   [Distributor] Threadless