In a recent preview of Army of Two: The 40th Day, we disclosed more details on the updated and much more expansive weapon customization system.  As bonus content, we asked the creative team behind the sequel to dish on their favorite custom weapons, providing a deeper look at how the system will cater to personal preference. Read on for the scoop.

The Fury
Sarah Stewart, Line Producer

When you’ve been downed by the enemy and you’re crawling along the ground with your guts falling out, crying pitifully for your friend to come save you, it can be hard to handle a two handed weapon. For these situations, I prefer a pistol like the Fury. Big, fat, ugly and mean. I think you’ll agree it’s your only friend when the enemy is scurrying toward you in a vain attempt to stomp your face into the dirt.

A Matching Pair
Benoit Richer, Lead Level Designer

Never go into battle alone, and never go in at all without a matching pair of automatic weapons. It’s all very well to have your best friend, girlfriend or life partner standing beside you with a high powered rifle, but you need to make certain that you didn’t turn up to the party wearing the same dress. If your partner has modified their AK-47 to draw as much attention as possible, then you should take your TD-V, paint on some urban camouflage and add a soda can silencer. This way, while your buddy is deep behind enemy lines cutting throats and shooting people in the face, you can relax at a distance with a martini, hidden in the shadows, picking off your foes in comfort and style.

The Giraffe
Alex Hutchinson, Creative Director

There are many ways to divide up gamers: there are those who take their games seriously, creeping through the shadows, strategizing with their partner and making sure they complete each scenario as cleanly and swiftly as possible. Then there are the gamers who boot down doors, fire blindly into rooms filled with hostages and high five their partner afterward. The new game aims to support both player types, but this gun is definitely for the second group.

An automatic shotgun is already a terrifying weapon, but if you need it to be embarrassing as well, then I suggest painting it like a giraffe. Or a tiger. Leopard print will also work. Add a 20 round clip, switch out the stock and fix on a sharpened shotgun bayonet and everyone will learn to fear THE GIRAFFE.

Fat Boy
Reid Schneider, Executive Producer

The QBZ is a good assault rifle, but a QBZ underslung grenade launcher is better. And an assault rifle with an underslung shotgun and a scope is best of all. Pick off enemies at a distance with a high rate of fire and the precision of a scope, or switch to the grenade launcher if your accuracy isn’t up to the task and they get too close. It’s a weapon for all occasions. If it were a drink, it’d be beer. Sometimes you need champagne, another time you might need a cocktail, but beer is always your friend. Stay classy, America.

Be sure to hit the screenshot and video tab below to check out the custom weapons at full resolution, to peek at the multiplayer screens and to watch the co-op move trailer