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    Don't Lose Faith

    I bought Project Cars at launch and was very excited for this new series in the racer genre. Racing games are always high up on my favorites list and this game is slowly...
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    LVL UP Fast!

    At the beginning try to lvl up at least 2 lvl above the recommended lvl... Then switch the difficulty from normal to hard and you will gain more exp. You should try to...
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    Easy money

    Go to ever rock and dig a hole behind you and to both sides of that first hole. Face the rock and hit it repeatedly with the shovel. Doing this once a day will give you...
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    Resident Evil 5 - Infinite Rocket Launcher Ammo!

    To get get infinite ammo for the rocket launcher in Resident Evil 5, all you have to do is complete the game on any difficulty in under 5 HOURS. If your new to shooters...
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    How to win in Man Hunt

    Man hunt is a team based game mode in every assassin's Creed that has multiplayer. One team has to kill the players on another. Points are rewarded for hiding, stunning...
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