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    Locations on where Assassin's seals are

    Darius Hidden Blade Santa Maria Novella Iltani Poison Santa Maria Del Fiore Wei Yu Spear Torre Grossa Qulan Gal Bow Rocca Di Ravaldino Amunet Snake Basilica di San Marco
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    CoD: Black ops Cheat Codes

    On the Main Menu, alternately tap RIGHT and LEFT triggers (or hold the Space bar on a keyboard). After a bit, you'll stand up. Leave your seat and examine the back...
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    You'll love it

    This game is awesome!!! Those who loved Far Cry 3 will love this. The graphics are great, the gameplay is great, and you don't have to wait so long to get the wingsuit...
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    BF4 Sniping 101

    Firstly, this guide is for the very basics of sniping in BF4. This means features like bullet drop, zeroing your scope, etc. So to start, if you are new to FPS games...
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    Getting the AWS

    Steps: Go on a Conquest map Find a small vehicle Put C4 on it Enter vehicle with all your C4 on car AND holding trigger Find an enemy vehicle and drive straight towards...
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