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  • Are You Feeling Better About Dante's Redesign?

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    When the new Devil May Cry was revealed back in 2010, the Internet was not happy. Message boards were upset that a younger Dante didn't have white hair, and that he looked like he listened to Dashboard Confessional.

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  • Stale Gamer: Review Vol. I

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    Greetings, all. Both of you. I am a relatively new member of the Gameinformer community, but I suspect a senior member at the same time. Hence the Stale moniker. I have been playing video games since my aunt bought our family a Pong home console back... More
  • A Long Day's Journey - Review of Enslaved: OttW

    In the world I see - you are stalking elk through the damp canyon forests around the ruins of Rockefeller Center. You'll wear leather clothes that will last you the rest of your life. You'll climb the wrist-thick kudzu vines that wrap the Sears... More
  • A broken hook can still catch a fish?

    Sometimes I see a busted chick, and after a few double-takes, I kind of start to think she's attractive anyways. Not to mislead about Enslaved -- if this game was a chick at a bar, you'd be retarded to not talk to her. The backdrops and scenery... More
  • Ninja Theory Has No Plans For Enslaved 2


    Ninja Theory is currently working on the new Devil May Cry prequel for Capcom, but if you had any hopes that the studio was also secretly working on a sequel to last year's post apocalyptic adventure Enslaved, you’d better be patient.

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  • Top five video game Monkeys

    Monkeys. Poo flinging creatures. Beside pigs I think monkeys dominate the gaming scene. I want to list my top favorite 5 monkeys. 5: Broly Look at him. He's huge. His head touched the health bar at the top. I picked him because Broly is bad ass. Yes... More
  • Enslaved Sells Poorly Worldwide


    Even with bad sales, a sequel not ruled out due to critical reception.

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  • An adventure with personality.

    When I first opened my package of Psychonauts and placed it into my X-box, I was hooked. The charismatic characters, the cartoon styled slap-stick humor, the likable personalities and a game that just drew you into it's world. I was saddened by all... More
  • Enslaved: A Critique of Andrew Reiner's Review

    Hello, all, Recently, I experienced an epiphany. This sudden realization was this: Game Informer's reviews are not always correct, or they are at least not always going to agree with my own assessment. I say this because I have been a huge proponent... More
  • Enslaved Odyssey to the West and DLC Review

    The moment I heard about this game, mainly the story aspect drew me right in, it has a great plot, and has some amazing set pieces. The base of the game is that you are enslaved by a woman to help her return to her home, but this plot enlarges and takes... More
  • Thrown Into The Fire: Gaming's Roughest Starts


    We look at a dozen games that waste no time in kick-starting the action.

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  • Enslaved: Odyssey To The West 3D Screenshot


    In honor of Enslaved's upcoming DLC, which let's you play the game in 3D, check out this awesome 3D screenshot of Monkey in action.

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