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  • CosBlog #59: Seung Mina By Konoe


    Cosplayer Konoe is a fan of fighting games, and you can tell by the caliber of her work on Seung Mina’s SCIII costume (pun intended).

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  • CosBlog #58: Circe By Kiwi5frog


    Cosplayer Tracy (Kiwi5Frog) braved the cold to shoot her tribute to DCUO’s Circe, preparing the costume in less than a week to make an upcoming deadline.

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  • CosBlog #57: Rikku By QuarticMay


    Cosplayer Rebecca (QuarticMay) proves that cosplay doesn’t always have to be a pricey endeavor if you are crafty enough.

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  • CosBlog #56: Team Rocket By R&R


    While the costumes are simple enough, Team Rocket’s wild hairstyles make them somewhat difficult characters to pull off. Not for Russian cosplayers R&R, though, who took the time to style each wig to perfection.

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  • CosBlog #55: Princess Lenna Tycoon By Chiki Fischer


    Yoshitaka Amano’s art isn’t only stunning, but offers cosplayers a unique interpretation of the character design they’ve come to know and love. Cosplayer Chiki Fischer exploited this freedom to great success.

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  • CosBlog #54: Zevran Arainai By Love Squad


    Veteran Cosplayer Elena (Love Squad) has dozens of impressive costumes under her belt, including this tribute to Dragon Age Origins’ Zevran.

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  • CosBlog #53: Bonnie MacFarlane By Claire Hummel


    Bonnie MacFarlane made our list of The 30 Characters who Defined a Decade, and for good reason. Cosplayer and concept artist Claire Hummel obviously felt an affinity for the character, too, putting much effort into successfully recreating Bonnie’s western getup.

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  • CosBlog #52: Dragoon Shana By Nina Gyaboo


    The Legend of Dragoon is a favorite of mine, drawing me immediately to this stunning recreation of Shana’s armored form.

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  • CosBlog #51: Skull Kid By Phasers


    Cosplayer Phasers does a phenomenal job of living up to Skull Kid’s character design in authenticity and craftsmanship.

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  • CosBlog #50: Bahamut By Orochi X


    Cosplayer Orochi X has already graced the blog once for his phenomenal Siegfried Schtauffen ensemble. I couldn’t pass the opportunity to feature him again once I set eyes on his newest project – Final Fantasy summon Bahamut.

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  • CosBlog #49: Valkyrie Profile’s Lenneth By Shappi


    Polish Cosplayer Shappi’s tribute to Valkyrie Profile is impressive at first glance, but even more so when considering this was her first attempt at armor and wing fabrication.

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  • CosBlog #48: Chloe Frazer By Jessica Steele Allen


    Looks can be deceiving. When it comes to “simple” or “closet cosplay,” most assume that a single shopping excursion to a retail chain is needed. In reality, costumes that appear simple can be deceptively difficult.

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