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Possible spoilers ahead. There is something I really need to say about the game awards this year. I love games and I'll play any game that I think is fun. I only own a PS4, because it makes the most economical sense for me to only own one console and PlayStation is my favorite. I play Horizon: Zero Dawn when it came out. I talked about how it was my GOTY, how I really enjoyed the gameplay and story. How even the soundtrack was phenomenal. You see, the game really resonated with me in the story. I was so immersed in the world. What went on. The lengths they went to in order to prevent the extinction of the human race. The shear robustness of what was being created. I thought that was something unique and amazing. I had never really experienced a story in such a way before. And to take all of that technology and blend it with a tribal society was just something incredible. But then it comes to the awards and this incredible thing. This thing that I and MANY other find to be so great... is left with nothing. People say it was a hard year or whatever, but it wasn't. I've never play BotW. I read about it. So I'm not going to speak of the game itself. But I will talk about reactions. I had a couple friends buy a switch specifically for this game.... play for a few hours... say it was the greatest thing ever.... then never play it again. How can something be o awesome, but you never talk about it. You never play it. And you only spent a short amount of time with it? And the fact that it got a 10/10 when you look at the reaction and there are people with so many frustrations with this game. It's not a minority of genuine Zelda fans that played this and hate it. If you get a strong portion of your fanbase to actually hate your supossed "evolution" that's not 10/10 material. In my opinon it is just a great big sandbox. I don't think that's all that special or groundbreaking. The rain making you slip from climbing isn't revolutionary. So while it may be a fantastic game, it is not what every says it to be. And that is frustrating. Frustrating when you see a developer pour their heart and soul into something brand new only to get called "Far Cry lookalike." Horizon should have won something. It really should have. And they fact that it didn't is discouraging. on 13 Dec 2017 4:29 PM
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