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  • Five Games I Played At San Diego Comic Con 2016

    Last weekend, I went to my fourth Comic Con ticketless. While I had a lot of fun, it was a bit underwhelming compared to previous years since the lines for outside events were considerably longer than in the past which limited how many things I could check out. Regardless, I was able to play some exciting games at Comic Con this year and I wanted to share my experiences playing them. More

    I recently attended my fourth Comic Con ticketless and played five games while I was there. Check out my impressions of Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Final Fantasy XV, Metroid Prime Federation Force and more!

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  • The Ten Games I Played At Anime Expo 2016


    Over the 4th of July weekend I went to Anime Expo for my fifth time and had an absolute blast as always. While I thoroughly enjoy going to AX every year, I've never written a whole blog dedicated to any of my trips there on Game Informer largely because while I do try out new video games at AX I either do not play enough games to justify writing a full blog or with the games I do demo I'm often unable to have substantial experiences with them.

    At Anime Expo 2016 however, not only did I try out a large amount of new games, I was able to play a substantial amount of practically every single game I tried. More

    Over the 4th of July weekend I went to my fifth Anime Expo and played 10 exciting, upcoming games. Here are my experiences playing BlazBlue Central Fiction, Yakuza Zero, Bloodstained, and more as well as some of my Anime Expo 2016 highlights.

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  • Surviving Real Life Zero Escape


    One week ago I journeyed to Little Tokyo in Los Angeles with friends and family to take on a Zero Escape themed escape room. I'm a huge fan of the Zero Escape series, so when the room was announced months ago I began planning the trip. My group of seven, including me, took on the room with two strangers so we had a full team of nine. I wanted to share my Zero Escape: Trust on Trial experience, which also was my first experience tackling a real life escape room, so here we are! More

    I recently traveled to Little Tokyo in Los Angeles to participate in a Zero Escape themed escape room with friends and family. Here is my experience escaping Zero Escape: Trust on Trial!

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  • Justin's E3 2016 Predictions


    E3 is always the most exciting event of the year for video game fans and while this year's show appears to be scaling back I'm still confident there will be tons of exciting announcements and good looks at awesome, upcoming games. I enjoyed sharing my E3 predictions last year, so I thought it would be fun to do so again this year. More

    Now that E3 2016 is quickly approaching, here are my seven predictions for gaming's biggest show.

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  • Ace Attorney Anime Episodes 1 - 4 Review


    I love Capcom's long running Ace Attorney series so when I heard it was finally getting an anime adaptation I couldn't wait to watch it. I've been watching the anime as it has been airing on Crunchyroll and have now seen the first four episodes of the series. I wanted to share my thoughts on the show thus far and afterwards briefly share some thoughts on a few other shows I'm enjoying this season. More

    Here is my review of the first four episodes of the long awaited Ace Attorney anime and also three of my recommendations for the Spring 2016 anime season.

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  • Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Impressions

    Over the course of the last week I've been playing Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, a free to play, Gacha RPG on both iOS and Android that takes place before the Keyblade War roughly 100 years before the main series. Even as a big Kingdom Hearts fan, I didn't think I'd be interested in Unchained X as I'm especially wary of games with gambling and stamina mechanics at the core of their design. After playing over 70 levels, over a third of the story content available at launch, I was surprised to find Unchained X is not only one of the most non-intrusive Gacha, but it is primarily a great game and a fantastic entry in the Kingdom Hearts series that I intend to see all the way through. More

    Here are my impressions of Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, a free to play, mobile, Gacha RPG that I think both Kingdom Hearts and RPG fans alike should definitely check out.

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  • My Thoughts On Final Fantasy XV Uncovered And The Platinum Demo


    Last week I attended the Final Fantasy XV Uncovered event with my brother. The event promised not only to reveal the release date of Final Fantasy XV (September 30), but also to reveal more substantial details about the final game. I've been anticipating Final Fantasy XV since it was unveiled nearly ten years ago as Final Fantasy Versus XIII so I was beyond excited to see what Square Enix would present. More

    Last week I attended the Final Fantasy XV Uncovered event and played through the new Platinum Demo. Here are my thoughts on both and how Final Fantasy XV is shaping up as it nears release.

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  • Why The Rumored PS4.5 Is A Bad Idea

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    I feel the rumored PS4.5 is a bad idea for Sony, developers, and gamers, where the negatives far outweigh the benefits. Here are my thoughts on why the half step console shouldn't be released.

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  • My Thoughts On The March 2016 Nintendo Direct


    I watched the March 3rd 2016 Nintendo Direct as it was airing live and I found it had many great announcements as well as others that were assuredly mixed in quality. I thought it would be interesting to share some of my thoughts about the latest Direct and discuss four of the games that stood out for being somewhat polarizing. More

    I watched the latest Nintendo Direct live and I wanted to share my thoughts about it and four of its most polarizing games.

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  • The Top 10 Games I Most Want Localized


    Localization is one of my favorite video game topics to think about as there are many games that are made that I want to play that are never officially released in English in North America. I've been considering localization a lot lately for a handful of reasons. More

    After a recent string of rumors about Mother 3 finally being localized and the surprise Virtual Console release of Kuru Kuru Kururin I decided to create a personal list of the top 10 games I most want to see localized!

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  • What I Want From The Future Of Smash Bros


    The final DLC for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS just released this week and it's fantastic. Both Bayonetta and Corrin each have interesting and unique movesets that I'm eager to fully explore in the months and years to come and the Clock Tower stage that comes with Bayonetta is another solid addition to the array of battlefields especially with its exciting, iconic visuals and great selection of music. Now that the DLC is out, I am especially thrilled to think about what will come next for Super Smash Bros. More

    With all of the DLC now released for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS I'd like to share what I want to see for the future of the franchise.

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  • My Top 10 Favorite Games Of 2015


    For the fifth year in a row, I'd like to share my ten favorite games from the past year. I always enjoy putting these lists together and this year was no different. As my favorite games of the year, these ten games are the ones that I enjoyed the most and are also the ones that were most important to me. More

    I'm finally ready and excited to share my top 10 favorite games of 2015. These are the games that I enjoyed the most and are the ones that were most important to me.

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