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OK I'm back but it's just to inform all gamers that BO3 had one of it's worst debuts of all time in the COD history the servers are HORRIBLE and even with the resent update still can't get more than 2 games in before your 360 freezes or the X1 gives you the blue screen which means turn it off and restart it and the charged 49.99 for the 360 and 69.99 for the X1 i'm so pissed off that I will be looking into a Class action Lawsuit against Activision for those that haven't bought it be prepared to suffer like we are until they finally fix it now the 360 version doesn't have the campaign which makes me wonder why they charged do much for it but we are Gamers and we rarely question the makers until now so buckle up because it's going to be an up and down ride mostly down... on top of all that they didn' give us Double xp weekend and they didn't have the Clan App neither what a slap in the face to us good luck and let the FRUSTRATION Begin... on 17 Nov 2015 4:33 PM
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